Rituals and Customs

As you know that the tradition, culture, symbolism and religion play a huge part in the ceremonies of marriage. Itís not only about bride and groom but it means involving with family, friends and whole community. So, in anticipation of wedding season, we bring you to a myriad of wedding custom and ritual. In an Indian Wedding, the color red has high importance and is linked to happiness. The priest will perform a wedding ceremony by an Indian ritual.

The Indian marriage ceremony consists of various stages about rituals and customs that must be done before the main wedding ceremony. The pre-wedding ceremony is also full of entertainment and amusement by both family of the would-be bride and groom.

Engagement Ceremony

It is one of the first ceremonies that takes place between the two families and the would-be bride and groom. The engagement ceremony is basically a brief ritual wherein the couple exchanges gold rings, sweets and garlands are also exchanged among the couple. This ensures both the parties that the girl and the boy are now crushed. This is why it is also called the ring ceremony. This is followed by exchange of gifts between the families like sweets, dry fruits etc. this is followed by either a lunch or dinner party. This ceremony concludes with the blessings of the elderly and the Almighty.

Sangeet Ceremony

It is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies before the wedding and this is especially for women from the brideís family but it is observed by groomís family which mostly held in the big hall to celebrate this occasion nowadays to make it more interesting and amusing. All family members sing and dance all through the night to celebrate the wedding ceremony and all unmarried girls will perform dance. The Sangeet decoration is based on the theme of the wedding or can be different from the main wedding day for more interesting and unique.

Mehendi Ceremony

Mehndi is the one of the most important pre-wedding ceremony which celebrates only the brideís family. The celebration of Mehndi is for gathering brideís friends and relatives for blessing the bride as well as for amusement. The Mehndi or henna motif is not only the adoration of the bride rather it epitomizes her transformation from a virgin girl to a temptress for her husband; the darker and deeper color of the Mehendi, the more her husband will love her. The ceremony is mostly held at bride's place or sometimes in a banquet hall on the day before the main wedding ceremony. So, it seems to be a festival with the women dancing and singing traditional songs on the Mehndi ritual.

Barat Ceremony

This is the most fun feeling of the wedding ceremony which is very colorful and grand ceremony. The process is to start normally from the groomís house to the wedding venue, the procession is attended by the all the relatives and friends from the groom's side. The groom is seated on a decorated horse or an elephant for reaching the venue as traditional following by the congregated folks. Everyone in the procession dances on the tunes of the song and music played by the band accompanying them.