We give you full-service Indian destination weddings, providing a complete solution from planning to execution.

We have been arranging weddings in Thailand since 2009, offering a unique blend of Indian traditionalism with Thai hospitality to create memorable weddings. In addition to beautiful settings and décor, we guarantee the extra wow-factor which is a necessary component of an unforgettable wedding. We help you create your dreams, turn them into reality, and finally, share the moments with your family and closest friends.

We provide full wedding packages from pick up to drop off, including, but not limited to theme weddings, event coordination, venue selection, transportation, accommodation, decoration and fabrication of structures, catering and filming of events. This guarantees a hassle-free wedding experience for the bride, groom and their families.

We will have an initial consultation with you, and we suggest that you make a site visit about 2 months before the event in order to finalize the details and schedules. Where this is not possible, we will provide enough photographs to allow you to completely visualize the setting.

During the wedding we keep a supporting staff at the ratio of 1 staff for every 10 guests in order to assist your guests in every which way. Depending on the size of the event 1-3 of our own management team will always be present to oversee the operations. Our team typically arrives on site 2-3 days before the event, as the caterers need to start preparing the food and the decorators need to start setting up the venues.


Indian Food is characterized by its use of various spices, herbs and other vegetables. Even though the process of cooking is complicated, Indian Food is very significant for the ceremony so the food must be cooked by professional Indian Chef that can provide the India Food in the different part of India so this can be certain that the food will be delicious as wish.


Wedding decorations are always the first thing that guests notice in any wedding setting. According to the theme, location and colors you have chosen, it is good to use seasonal flowers as it sets the mood for the celebration.


It’s definitely that the entertainment into your wedding due to Indian wedding must be a lot of fun and dancing. So we prepare Indian songs to entertain your guests whilst your photos are being taken, or a children's entertainer to keep the kids occupied. You may want to have your wedding go with a bang by having a firework display to end your night.


The wedding is a special time to remember when people get together and share a life time event. Wedding photographs must be beautiful and creative which must be taken by the professional and experienced photographers so you can recall to your memorable day anytime.

Invitation Cards

Choosing the unique wedding invitation card is an important step. The invitation card must contain the word to express how grateful of the couple and both families to all the guests who are invited to the ceremony. The invitation card also informs the details of ceremony to the guests giving the clue about the wedding theme so that their presence would be highly esteemed.


Wedding souvenirs are the value stuff for giving to the honorable guests as the thank you wording to be apart of the wedding. Just like the rest of the wedding’s decoration, the souvenirs should reflect the wedding’s theme and your personality as a couple.

Make Up and Hair Style

The wedding day is the important event of her life because she will step forward to share the rest of her life with future husband. On the wedding day, an Indian bride must be the most beautiful and graceful.


It is the application of henna as a temporary form of skin decoration. Henna was originally used as a form of decoration mainly for brides.


This is also important because of the would-be bride and groom can make some special things pamper their bodies before the wedding day such as body massage, body scrub, skin scrub, brighten smile etc.